Kwik Card Data Tracker

  • Earn a discount of 5% on gasoline during your introductory period. The introductory period is 60 days or it can be extended to 120 days if you sign up for EFT and E-Statements. After your introductory period, you earn 3 cents per gallon.
  • Always earn 3 cents per gallon on your diesel purchases.
  • Always earn a 10% monthly discount on most in-store purchases (oil, windshield wash, car washes)
  • Prevent fraudulent use of your cards by using some of the features below.
    • Product Restrictions
      • Lock out Alcohol & Tobacco
      • Allow Fuel Only
      • Allow Fuel & Automotive products only
      • Allow Fuel, Automotive products & Scales only
      • Allow In-store Products Only (automotive products include car washes)
    • Limit Restrictions
      • # of transactions per day/week/month
      • # of gallons per day/week/month
      • # of in-store purchases per day/week/month
      • Days of the week purchases can be made (i.e. only Monday-Friday)
      • Time of Day (i.e. only between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm)
    • Card Prompts
      • Prompt for driver i.d.
      • Prompt for vehicle i.d.
      • Prompt for odometer (we can validate [match] what drivers enter against a list you provide us)
  • We provide detailed reporting by driver, vehicle and site free of charge.

Data Tracker Online Application