Giving back to the communities we serve

Kwik Trip Kares

Each year, Kwik Trip Inc., receives thousands of requests for donations of funds and product.  While we would like to contribute to every worthy cause, our funding is limited to support the basic human necessities.  This would include food pantries, human health issues, police, fire and military protection. 

The donation committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month.  In order for your request to be considered we must have your request by the first day of that month.  
Only online, complete requests will be considered.
Kwik Trip Inc. will only consider organizations that are within our general market area.  Organizations do not have to be located in the communities we are in however do have to be serving the communities we are located in. 
A representative from Kwik Trip Inc. will not be able to meet in person to discuss a donation request for funding. 
All capital campaign requests need to be submitted by August 1st.  Decisions will be made in September. 
Kwik Trip Inc. highly encourages all organizations to look at the fundraising options that are available.  You can do so here

Ineligible Entities
Corporate donations are not given to the following:
  • Organizations that are based outside our general market area.
  • Youth sports
  • Political or social functions
  • Organizations that limit their services to members of one religious group or whose services propagate religious faith or creed. 
  • Individuals, including scholarships, loans, beauty pageants, race cars, etc.
  • Animal causes (humane societies, zoos, etc.)
  • Advertising

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