Gluten Friendly Options

The items listed below are generally considered to be gluten free in their natural form but remember to always check the label to be sure the product doesn’t have any gluten containing ingredients. Because of the nature of the production environments and sourced ingredients Kwik Trip does not make gluten free claims of any of its products. Please follow the advice of your healthcare professional and refer to the products ingredient statement in making your food and beverage selections. The below list is a general reference and is not intended to be medical advice. If you have questions on a gluten free diet consult with your healthcare provider.
Water (Non Flavored)
Tea (Plain)
Milk (Non Flavored)
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Vegetables
Shell Eggs
Nuts (Plain)
Seeds (Plain)
Fresh Meat (Plain)
Fresh Poultry (Plain)
Fresh Seafood (Plain)
Most Peanut Butter
Hard Cheese
Any Product Labeled As Gluten Free

 Kwik Trip does not make any gluten free claims of its products or items listed above.