Official Rules

Kwik Trip Inc.’s Milk Moola® program is open to any public, private or parochial school, preschool or daycare facility in Wisconsin, Minnesota or Iowa that has tax-exempt/non-profit designation. This also includes home school entities with tax-exempt/non-profit status. Other tax-exempt/non-profit groups and organizations including, but not limited to, churches, youth organizations and service organizations are also eligible to participate. If you have any questions regarding whether your school or group meets these eligibility requirements, please contact the Milk Moola helpline at 800-505-5157.  Each school or group is limited to one enrollment.

Milk Moola program participants will receive 5¢ (five cents) for each cap or bag top they redeem from Nature’s Touch® products. The program will only accept specially marked caps and bag tops that feature the Milk Moola symbol.
Participants may submit their collected caps and bag tops at any time during the course of the program. There is a minimum redemption of 1,000 (one thousand) caps or bag tops per submission. All postage and shipping charges incurred in submitting the caps and bag tops are the responsibility of the sender.
Caps and bag tops from qualifying Nature’s Touch® and Kwik Quencher® products, along with a completed submission form, should be mailed to the address listed on the submission form. All submissions must be postmarked by the end of the program date (listed in the Program Deadline section of these rules) and all submissions are subject to verification.
Payments for the redemption value of the organization’s submissions will be made monthly as the organization’s submissions are received. Checks will be made payable only to the enrolled organization as outlined in the Eligibility Requirements section of these rules. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for verification and receipt of your check.
Each participating organization must designate a Milk Moola Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator will serve as the liaison between the organization and Kwik Trip and/or its designees. All checks, support materials and communications will be sent directly to the attention of the Program Coordinator at the address/phone/e-mail he or she provided at enrollment. Designating a Program Coordinator, and establishing a single point of contact will ensure that all materials and communication can be delivered in the most effective manner for both parties.
Only caps with the official Milk Moola symbol, or bag tops with the official Milk Moola symbol qualify for redemption.
UPC bar codes from products, caps and bag tops without the Milk Moola symbol, photocopies, or forged or altered caps and/or bag tops will not be accepted for redemption. Kwik Trip Inc. reserves the right to verify all submissions.
Kwik Trip, Inc. reserves the right to alter the terms of the Milk Moola.
Redemption Form Redemption Guidelines