Frequently Asked Questions about Kwik Trip (non-website related)

These questions are common questions that are asked from our Contact Us page. 

Q: Where can I find information about owning a Kwik Trip franchise?
A: Kwik Trip does not offer franchising.

Q: Where do you operate?
A: Kwik Trip owns stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.  In Iowa, we are known as Kwik Star.  We also own several Tobacco Outlet locations.  Maps and store lists are available here, and you can search for a store near you here.

Q: We would like you to build a Kwik Trip in our area, and/or we know of a good location where you could build a store.  How do we let you know this?
A: Use the Contact Us page, and select the "Real Estate" option from the list of departments you would like to contact, and fill in the details. 

Q: How can I find out about donations and fundraising options?
A: Information can be found here.

Q: Why does Kwik Trip put a hold on funds on my credit card when I pay at the pump?
A: This is necessary due to the way card processing works for authorizing an unknown amount.  For further details, see this article from the National Association of Convenience Stores.